Frugal Friday: A Sight For Sore Eyes

Friday, 15 June 2012

Cool balm: straight from the fridge...

I don't know about you but hot weather does nowt for my eyes. They get sore, swollen and generally irritable and under-eye concealer (which I need in my life like oxygen), slides off and creases. In summer I tend to skip anti-aging eye creams during the day to try to keep any puffage (technical term) to a minimum.

This year I got lucky with a press sample of Simple Soothing Eye Balm, in the post. The timing was perfect; just as that brief sweltering spell hit and my eyelids were painfully inflating. I didn't spend a great deal of time poring over the packaging - after all Simple is, err, simple - I just wanted to get that product around my eyes like antihistamine cream onto a son-of-a-gun insect bite.

What can I say? instant ahhhhh... The texture is calming and balmy with a slight firming action, it blends away to the perfect base for concealer or eye make-up and, most importantly, feels comfortable and pleasant to use. With an absence of alcohol (which is a good thing), you don't get that astringent sensation that some anti-swelling eye products offer, so I've been keeping mine in the fridge to up the cooling-quotient which seems to work nicely.

This is WAY too much product for the under-eye area
 but gives an indication of texture

Although I find it hydrating enough for fine lines, I do wonder how it would fare on deeper wrinkles. During summer it's a balancing act between overly rich products triggering puffiness and those with not enough moisture magnifying dehydration. You could easily blend it with a small amount of a thicker textured eye cream though, if needs be. 

To be blunt, there are no frills with this little eye balm. The ingredients are pretty standard: jojoba oil, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, glycerin etc. But when a product is effective, affordable and does what it says on the tube I guess there's no need for bells, whistles and - ultimately - a higher price-point. x

* Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm is £3.99 for 15mls.

My 50th Post - And A Thank YOU

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

*hark, is that a fanfare I can hear?* 

Okay, okay. As posting statistics go, 50 pushes of the Publish button is a piddling drop in the online ocean; I know. Perhaps almost laughable. '50 posts, pah. I'll match that and raise you 75 in ONE month kiddo and then - and only then - come and tell me about achievement'. 

But still, it really does feel like an achievement. I never thought I would get this far, stay up so late tinkering with html coding, or enjoy cultivating my little corner of the t'interweb so much. 

To those of you who take the time to regularly read my ramblings a heartfelt thank YOU. This blog is a big deal to me (and my spare-time sanity), and knowing that there are lovely people who actually read it makes me very happy indeed. 

And now, for the cheeky bit. If you're on the fence about following, but at some point might *coughs* like to, I've splashed out on brand spanking new shiny social media buttons for additional easy ways and means to do so. Eyes right, scroll back up a tad, they're in the sidebar over thatta way... ;) 

Finally, if you have a new or established blog that I haven't yet come across, but really should know about, then do shout out. I love adding to my Blog'Lovin reading list. x

* Picture credit: Shabby Blogs Vintage Freebie With Keren - Adorable Bluebird Clip-Art

Mane Message: Summer Hair DO!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The fresh tie-dye collection

Last week, when temperatures in London climbed to an out of character 28 degrees and wearing my long hair loose definitely felt like a hair DON'T, I spied a sponsor box on one of my favourite blogs - Creature Comforts - for the Etsy shop Mane Message. After heading on over and scrolling through the sun-soaked wares on offer I couldn't pass up on posting about these gorgeous, mood-brightening hair accessories. 

The premise of the line couldn't be simpler. Soft elastic hair bands and headbands that don't crimp unsightly creases into the hair and double as bracelets whilst they're waiting to be called into action. How's that for functional chic?

Hair candy: a small selection of the sweet things on offer at mane message

The hand dyed colour combinations, inspired by current fashion trends and boho beach culture, really caught my eye - so fresh, breezy and buyable. After much deliberation I opted for the Tie Die Starter Package (below) priced $7.00 or approx £4.67. This includes four of Mane Message's most popular ties with the choice of 4 options for colour combining. I chose the shades pictured (left) and asked for the fourth tie to be nude or peach toned. This seemed like a good way to sample the range and to gauge how the bands would sit on my small-ish wrists. There are mini bands available should you prefer a snugger fit. 

Mane message began as a dormitory sideline for student Olivia Hayward but has now become a successful business in its own right. Love that young, entrepreneurial spirit.

I'd highly recommend a look at Olivia's Etsy shop or her website to view the full range of pick 'n' mix colourways and package options on offer. Sometimes buying from overseas can be prohibitive on cost but these ties seem very reasonable. Shipping to the UK costs $3 (approx £2) on a single order with a 47p postage charge on each additional item. 

I'm so looking forward to receiving my purchases, binning my scrappy clips and bobbles and bringing a slice of Californian sunshine to (err) South East London. x 

* The images in this post are reproduced with kind permission and are the work of photographer Cara Robbins

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