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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Look mummy - no hands!

Readers who have visited my blog before may recall that we have tangle-related episodes in our house. Now BB's curls are past the wispy, baby-blonde stage and into tow-headed toddler territory he's prone to 'cotts' (as the MIL would say). We've been easing out knots rather nicely with the fabulous Johnson's baby no more tangles spray - which you can read about more here - but lately BB's become insistent on brushing his own hair. 'I am a BIG little boy, of course.' Obviously.

I use the regular Tangle Teezer on my own hair. It glides through long, coloured locks that would otherwise ball-up like sticky string but it's too cumbersome for BB's wee hand to hold which has, in turn, caused more tantrums. So, when I was asked if he'd like to trial his very own Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot (the child-friendly version), the answer was an affirmative - 'yes, please.'

If you've got girls to buy for you'll no doubt have already come across this nifty invention down the aisle marked 'pretty stuff.' As the mother of a boy, I get to shop in the small, dusty corner of childrens-wear dedicated to stripes and dodgy motifs so we are late to this particular vision of cuteness.

The Magic Flowerpot itself is fairly self-explanatory. The brush (with anti-tangle bristles), 
is housed underneath the flowerhead which sits neatly atop its accompanying pot and there's lots of space inside to store all of the lovely grips, bands and ribbons you might need for little girls' hair. We trialled the Tutti Frutti colour-way and BB's comments are as follows, 'it's pink and blue and beautiful.' For me, though, one of the best things about the Magic Flowerpot is that his lordship can have a go at brushing his own barnet which makes one little big boy very happy.

Brush with greatness -
Encourages independence and
de-tangling without tears :)

Left: BB's 'worm' stash

In the absence of girlie grips to stowaway I asked BB what he would like to keep in the pot instead. 'Mmm (taps mouth whilst thinking). Let's put earth and some worms in there mummy. I will kiss and cuddle them.' Sweet boy of mine.    

• The Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot is £13.26 and available from Tangle Teezer and stockists nationwide.

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