Lanolips - Don't Do Winter Without It

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

PREFACE - After my last scintillating missive on macaroons I was all fired up to blog with momentum. And then, something so unbearably sad occurred that the time and place felt all wrong to be posting - hence the bloggus interruptus. But, as we know, life does indeed go on so here's last weeks intended waffle which, incidentally, coincided with COLD weather. For those having a tough time - I hear you x

The original Lanolips 101 Ointment 

made with 100% medical-grade lanolin

This week I've cranked the heating up, dusted off the UGGS and pondered hot chocolate – (beverage not band). Which means, in my cold-hands-warm-heart world, it's actually almost Winter. *Happy face* But, as much as I love a chill in the air and a blanket tucked around my toes, I hate that chapped, crumbly-lipped feeling that is tediously inevitable. Once the paper-thin skin of the lips loses moisture and splits it's an absolute beggar to get back into condition. Which is why I'll be by slathering on Lanolips Lip 101 Ointment, £11.22. Containing 100% medical-grade lanolin, used following operations to keep wounds moist and encourage speedier healing, this multipurpose balm is so pure and highly refined that it's suitable for newborn's mouths and nursing nipples. All of which make it an excellent choice for lips that consistently chap or for areas of compromised skin prone to resistant/inflammatory cycles of dryness - such as eczema and psoriasis.

Shades from left; Rose, Apples, Sunshine, Dark Honey & Rhubarb

I'm equally evangelical about Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour, £8.16 (shown above). 60% lanolin, pure pigment, vitamin E and SPF15 combine to create a long lasting, nourishing and protective balm in a selection of covetable shades. I have two tubes of Rose, the perfect lip-toned pink, nestled amongst the flotsam and jetsam (tissues, leaky beaker, Noddy car etc), that make up the contents of my bag.

The new kid/lamb on the block

Finally, there's a new addition to the family I've seen but not - tut-tut - tried. Lemonaid Lip Aid, £9.18, exfoliates with citric acid, hydrates with lanolin and has a subtle shimmer for a healthy lip look. Definitely one for my winter wish-list. Keep cosy lovely ladies it's chilly out there.

The Lanolips range is available from 300 Boots stores nationwide and at and

Eye Candy

Saturday, 17 September 2011

They're mine, all mine

Maybe I've been hard-wired to squeal at the sight of macarons; beauty editors are, after all, gifted with more than they can shake a stick at. Still, they remain - to my mind at least - the most luxurious, high-days and holidays treat. This limited edition LadurĂ©e/Matthew Williamson collaboration - to coincide with London Fashion Week - is the ultimate in gourmande glamour. Printed with Williamson's iconic, hand-illustrated butterfly wing design, the coffret (could there be a chicer word for gift box?), holds 8 delish macarons available in dreamy flavours such as; salted caramel, blackcurrant violet, black forest and Madagascar chocolate. At £14.10 for 8 (eek!), I intend to savour them with Earl Grey tea, alone and in absolute silence. The husband gets After Eights. 

LadurĂ©e can be found at: Burlington Arcade, Covent Garden and Harrods.

Under £3 - Hair Hero

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tames tangles and tantrums

On a recent whistle-stop tour of Tesco with an especially fractious child in tow, I spied an offer on Johnson's baby no more tangles spray, £2.69. Somewhere inbetween nagging 'stand where I can see you.... I have asked you not to touch.... if you don't come here right now you will go in the buggy....', I chucked it into the basket. Baby boy has a stunning head of Robert Plant-esque dirty blonde curls, but frizz and tangles are our enemy and he is no fan of the comb. Well, I'm very pleasantly surprised. Not only does it work a treat on his lordship's bonce - comb slides through like butter without weighing his hair down - it also tames my fine, fluffy waves turning them into something much more manageable. Johnson's say that no more tangles spray makes brushing up to 85% easier. Though I'm always reluctant to rely on percentage stats, what I can confirm is the comb-chase marathon lasted just one lap of the living room and there were no tears or tantrums from either of us. An impressive gain, with virtually no pain. 

A Truly Fantastic Foundation

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Base with benefits: more bang for your buck

I'm beginning to wonder if there could be a fatal flaw in my blogging style - mama writes way too much. Give me a deadline, a sub-editor who has no truck for over matter, or a designer who likes white expanses more than words and I can reign myself in - just. Left to my own devices and I feel compelled to fill the scrolling blank space. I guess I've just got a case of the verbals: love to write, love to talk. Note to self: try to be snappier. I can't see it happening...

So, I've been using Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2-in-1 Serum Foundation daily - for a month - and have no qualms in saying it's pretty close to perfect. There's been a big trend of late for beauty products that perform on a 'global' level addressing multiple skin concerns in a single formula. We've already seen the delivery in skincare - think No7's Protect and Perfect, Olay's Regenerist and Lancome's Genefic  - but for cosmetics, buying into serious 'with benefits' lines (as opposed to those who've had a couple of vitamins wafted in their direction), has up until recently meant spending with a premium range at a prestige price point. 

I'll admit to being a bit of a foundation snob. It is what I'm willing to splash the most cash on given that if a base is bad the result is horrid: hence my unswerving loyalty to Armani Face Fabric and Givenchy Photo'Perfection Light. Still, I love a bargain as much as the next girl which is why I'm impressed to find a purse-friendly option (£12.99), that achieves surprisingly high-end effects.

Ageless Elixir goes on like a dream. It almost hovers above the skin, smoothing on with a soft, buttery texture that manages to be both hydrating and non-greasy. How? It is also THE easiest foundation to apply. You could, for instance, be on a standing-room-only packed train with one hand countering the effects of a broken buggy against gravity and the other, mercifully, free to whack on a bit of maquillage - without the need for a mirror. Takes seconds. Not that I have ever done that; of course.

The finish is semi-matte with just the right level of radiance, the coverage completely build-able but it's the polished, expensive look it gives skin I'm sold on. In the 'extra benefits' bag, you've got SPF15, antioxidants and trusty old glycerin to lock in moisture. Then, there's niacinamide - shown to strengthen the skin's barrier, improve cell turnover and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and redness - and n-acetyl glucosamine, useful in boosting moisture content, collagen production and spurring cell turnover. 

Bottom line: if you want more bang for your buck Ageless Elixir is a winner. Instant gratification with longer-term benefits - what's not to love?

Trying It On - Citrine Nails

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Deco-dence: matchy-matchy nails and my 1920's evening bag

Despite the fact that I have to keep my nails boy-short for reflexology (spearing the spleen reflex with a talon-tip wouldn't be considered good practice), I am seriously getting into blinging' shades. Today's nail industry is an exciting place to be - for sure. Instead of the limited shades of yester-year, we now have textures, tones and techniques that turn common-all-garden nails into something rather extraordinary. I plan to post more on this at a later date since it's worthy of a bit more waffle (have you noticed I like to waffle?) but, in the meantime, I'd like to share this colour 'cocktail' courtesy of Leighton Denny nails.

Word on Beauty Street (my neighbours are so glamorous), is that Autumn/Winter has a strong theme of jewel. Nothing new there then you may say. But these are retro-jewel tones - OK. A richer, more tarnished take that bears no resemblance to gaudy 80's gemstones. This particular combo perfectly works the look - if I do say so myself. 

Here, beauty therapist Emma, from Spoilt At Home, applied Leighton Denny Graycious followed by Golden Girl - £11 each, from John Lewis. The deep gray cuts some of the warmth from the gold creating the most stunning citrine hue. 


Golden Girl

Worn individually each shade looks great but together are a match made in heaven. If you haven't used Leighton before I can attest that the finish is exceptional; glossy, plush, salon-fresh. Definately worth a try. 


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