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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

PREFACE - After my last scintillating missive on macaroons I was all fired up to blog with momentum. And then, something so unbearably sad occurred that the time and place felt all wrong to be posting - hence the bloggus interruptus. But, as we know, life does indeed go on so here's last weeks intended waffle which, incidentally, coincided with COLD weather. For those having a tough time - I hear you x

The original Lanolips 101 Ointment 

made with 100% medical-grade lanolin

This week I've cranked the heating up, dusted off the UGGS and pondered hot chocolate – (beverage not band). Which means, in my cold-hands-warm-heart world, it's actually almost Winter. *Happy face* But, as much as I love a chill in the air and a blanket tucked around my toes, I hate that chapped, crumbly-lipped feeling that is tediously inevitable. Once the paper-thin skin of the lips loses moisture and splits it's an absolute beggar to get back into condition. Which is why I'll be by slathering on Lanolips Lip 101 Ointment, £11.22. Containing 100% medical-grade lanolin, used following operations to keep wounds moist and encourage speedier healing, this multipurpose balm is so pure and highly refined that it's suitable for newborn's mouths and nursing nipples. All of which make it an excellent choice for lips that consistently chap or for areas of compromised skin prone to resistant/inflammatory cycles of dryness - such as eczema and psoriasis.

Shades from left; Rose, Apples, Sunshine, Dark Honey & Rhubarb

I'm equally evangelical about Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour, £8.16 (shown above). 60% lanolin, pure pigment, vitamin E and SPF15 combine to create a long lasting, nourishing and protective balm in a selection of covetable shades. I have two tubes of Rose, the perfect lip-toned pink, nestled amongst the flotsam and jetsam (tissues, leaky beaker, Noddy car etc), that make up the contents of my bag.

The new kid/lamb on the block

Finally, there's a new addition to the family I've seen but not - tut-tut - tried. Lemonaid Lip Aid, £9.18, exfoliates with citric acid, hydrates with lanolin and has a subtle shimmer for a healthy lip look. Definitely one for my winter wish-list. Keep cosy lovely ladies it's chilly out there.

The Lanolips range is available from 300 Boots stores nationwide and at and

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