Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle - French Lover & Musc Ravageur

Thursday, 16 February 2012

This was going to my Valentine's post but - as usual - I'm blogging on the back foot and didn't quite get it together in time. Nevertheless, if you're looking to gift a lover (now or in the future), with seriously stylish, sensual fragrance then Frederic Malle could fit the bill.

Pitch perfect: frederic malle commissions celebrated 
perfumers to compose fragrance masterpieces

First off, I really like the brand concept. As a fragrance 'editor' Malle commissions his wish list of the world's most feted noses to blend one-off olfactory essays. Without the influence of focus groups, briefs and boundaries each is free to bring their unique, distilled vision to the table. Only when the fragrance is perfected is it finally published. Cool huh?

This may sound somewhat snobbish, arty farty even, but the proof is in the perfumes and there's nothing elitist about the way they are best enjoyed. Frederic Malle fragrances love body contact and many are, how shall I put this, quite libido-lifting. You may notice embraces lingering just a tad longer than is strictly necessary. 

The first fragrance I bought was French Lover for the occasion of the husband's birthday; no sniggering at the back please. So much more enigmatic than South London Lover don't you think? Earthy notes of cedarwood, galbanum (which conjures roughly cut flower stalks), and vetiver blend with powdery iris and spicy pimento. Patchouli, incense and musk lays down a depth that creates the sexiest man-who-scrubs-up-well scent you'll ever smell. 

For my birthday the husband returned the favour with Musc Ravageur; he's generous like that. I absolutely ADORE this fragrance. Warm and sweet without being sickly, musky without being musty it's like the perfect red lipstick or elegant leg-lengthening heels. The effect is very grownup, sophisticated and puts a wiggle in your walk. Notes of bergamot, tangerine and cinnamon lift what could otherwise be a classically cloying scent but my nose still heads straight to the vanilla, musk and amber - there's the tiniest suggestion of Angel in there. Musc Ravageur wears well on my olive skin (which seems to grab onto musks), and is a beautiful evening scent that lingers, permeating clothing with good old-fashioned glamour.

The lady is a vamp: evening elegance bottled 

The hubby and I bought our respective gifts from Liberty where the service was knowledgeable and exceptional, as you would expect when purchasing a perfume that costs £130 for 100ml or £90 for 50ml. We also received the samples below of which Angeliques Sous La Pluie, by fragrance legend Jean-Claude Ellena, is my absolute favourite. Reminiscent of gin and tonic on the top notes (owing to juniper berries), moving into coriander and musk it has a sparkling, breezy quality. Sadly, it leaves my skin almost as quickly as it settles so I'm not sure that I can justify the cost and will eek out the sample instead. 

Frederic Malle sample vials from Liberty London

Finally, I'll leave you with some images of Malle's super-stylish packaging which 
speaks volumes about quality, luxury and simplicity

Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle are available at Liberty and samples can be purchased online for trial from Les Senteurs at a cost of £5 per vial (max 4 vials, including p&p), or are free if you swing by the store. Thank you for reading! x

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