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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

'Peacock' lashes: symbolising auspicious and lucky days

Whilst I'm not suggesting styling these out at baby group or on the school-run (though it would be naughty fun, no?),  I thought you might like a looksy at PAPERSELF's fabulous faux lashes - I've never seen anything quite like them before. Inspired by the Chinese art of paper cutting the designs have an intricate, filigree effect that is absolutely gorgeous.

'Peach blossom' lashes: a symbol of love and romance

My particular fantasy-favourite is this delicate fringe of peach blossom. In reality, I just wish I had the occasion - and outfit - to wear them myself. 

PAPERSELF eyelashes are available at PAPERSELFASOS and Buy Eyelashes - styles priced between £10.50 - £12.50. Choose from six full lash and five corner lash designs.

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