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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tames tangles and tantrums

On a recent whistle-stop tour of Tesco with an especially fractious child in tow, I spied an offer on Johnson's baby no more tangles spray, £2.69. Somewhere inbetween nagging 'stand where I can see you.... I have asked you not to touch.... if you don't come here right now you will go in the buggy....', I chucked it into the basket. Baby boy has a stunning head of Robert Plant-esque dirty blonde curls, but frizz and tangles are our enemy and he is no fan of the comb. Well, I'm very pleasantly surprised. Not only does it work a treat on his lordship's bonce - comb slides through like butter without weighing his hair down - it also tames my fine, fluffy waves turning them into something much more manageable. Johnson's say that no more tangles spray makes brushing up to 85% easier. Though I'm always reluctant to rely on percentage stats, what I can confirm is the comb-chase marathon lasted just one lap of the living room and there were no tears or tantrums from either of us. An impressive gain, with virtually no pain. 


Lisa-Jane said...

Might have to try this for my lion's mane! Have just posted a link to your blog on a forum on Facebook. I shall thank Sophie (lovely lady!)for pointing us in this direction :-)

Hannah Adams said...

Thank you so much Lisa-Jane, that's really kind of you :) I find this does a really great job at a fab price. Hope you like it - if you decide to give it a whirl.

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