Accessorize Nail Polish - £4 (err, wow!)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oh how I covet glitter nail polish. I fall hook, line and sinker for owt that sparkles (can't lie) but, in all honesty, blingin' nails appeal to my slummier side. A couple of coats of razzle-dazzle hides a multitude of sins and usually stays on for *whispers* weeks - perfect. I also like the fact that glitter gives a slightly rounded, built-up effect (a bit like gels), which makes short, stubby nails look a whole lot chicer. I picked up this beauty - called Molton Copper - in Accessorize for £4, with another nail colour and a blusher which I will post on soon. 

Hot stuff: Accessorise nail polish in molton copper

I can't say I was expecting much. Initial impressions were decidedly cheap and cheerful but I impulse-bought purely for the colour; a gorgeous copper with a rose gold undertone. On the nails, however, it sings with a dense super-sparkly effect that reminds me of glitter encrusted party shoes. To get the best result you do need to use a slightly different application technique. On my first attempt I brushed it on in strokes which deposited the barest smidge of glitter - wrong, wrong, wrong. Trying again, I realised you need to dab the polish on in tiny blobs (technical term), and then buff it around with the end of the brush to achieve the intensity. If your kids use glitter glue you'll know what I mean. I'm making it sound like hard work when in fact it was very, very easy.

After two layers I sealed with a top coat and ta-da! SHOWTIME. Aztec, the second shade pictured above, was 'nice' enough. It has the blue bottle wing effect (sort-of), that everyone's been going mad for but fell flat as a pancake compared to the stellar Molton Copper. 

What do you think. Would you wear grown-up glitter? x

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