Sequins For The Soul

Thursday, 24 November 2011

One of my favourite sayings, which I'm going to paraphrase as it's a little on the - ahem - crude side is, 'you can't polish a poop but you can roll it in glitter.' I totally subscribe to this view of life. It may seem a little on the superficial side to focus on veneer (beauty products, make-up, vanities etc), but I firmly believe that feeling good about how you look on the outside works wonders for how you feel on the inside - and vice versa. We all have times that are, let's face it, really quite blah. My 'sequins for the soul' always involves something kitsch (preferably leopard print), retro-inspired, foot-based (pedicure/reflexology), or just ridiculously sparkly. Failing that there is always wine, The X Factor and After Eights. Easily pleased.

Exhibit A: Warehouse leopard print clutch, £45 at ASOS
Totally tempted. Can a girl ever have too much faux leopard?

Exhibit B: Aromatherapy Associates 
Deep Relax bath oil , £37. Known in our house as 
the 'knockout drops.' Fantastic for the fatigued

Exhibit C: I've got my magpie-eye on this black-based
nail lacquer laced with blue, silver and pink glitter
 from Butter London, £12. Available at Harvey Nichols

Exhibit D: a very retro christmas -
Gisela Graham glitter snowflake around £4

Exhibit E: BB - Priceless sunshine and sparkle

What are your sequins for the soul? x


Caron said...

Eyebrow waxing, (yes I know it's weird that I enjoy that) and getting all snuggly in my slipper socks with a glass of red xxx

Hannah Adams said...

I can see the appeal there. Instant gratification ;) Ooh, snuggly slipper socks and wine - now you're talking xxx

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