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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Living nature's firming flax serum leaves my skin
feeling toned but not taut

I've been using this super little serum for the past month and - wow - it's a keeper. I'm not a huge fan of serums per se. I don't like the feeling of my skin being suffocated under a blanket of silicone, the ingredient that tends to be used to give serums their 'silky' feel. This one, however, is certified natural, silicone-free, preservative-free and performs beautifully leaving skin ultra-smooth and soft. Whilst Manuka honey and rosehip oil do a grand job of boosting moisture and softening the signs of ageing, the really interesting ingredient in this serum is harakeke flax gel. Native to New Zealand (from where Living Nature hails), harakeke has a mildly astringent effect on the skin that temporarily reduces the appearance of pores, firms and creates the perfect canvas for make-up. And when I say this serum has a firming-factor, it really does. Not in an unpleasant taut fashion - there's no obvious egg-white type film left on the skin - rather your complexion just feels fresher and more toned. It's a lovely, lovely product.

The harakeke plant

Holding just 13mls of serum the pump-bottle is of a rather diminutive stature but, as I always say, good things come in small packages. A little goes a very long way and for those with combination/oily skin - like me - you could probably get away with using it as a day moisturiser. Don't forget SPF though! For drier complexions I would follow with a moisturiser suited to your skin type. 

* Living Nature Firming Flax Serum is £22.45 and available at Living Nature.


Mademoiselle Nature said...

Nice to know :-))!

Hannah Adams said...

It really is lovely. Thank you for commenting :)

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