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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hands up if you've been watching Boardwalk Empire and paying less attention to the storyline and more to the opulent flapper fashions and actor Michael Pitt's dreamy plush lips... I'm in heaven thanks to Sky Atlantic.

I just love the Art Deco era, full stop. It's one of my favourite periods in time characterised by striking, highly stylised architecture and design. I'd have been kicking up my fabulous heels in a Speakeasy for sure. 

It's no surprise then that my magpie-eye seeks out treasures with 1920s styling;
 graphic symmetry, bold colours and lavish unapologetic glamour. Just look what I found in the Select sale this week for £1!!

With classic Art Deco sunburst shaping, triangular patterning and gorgeous citrine-yellow enamelling I zoned in on this fabulous cocktail ring immediately. I'll be wearing it with glossy black nail varnish and red lips when I next hit a gin joint :)  Are you a fan of Select? x

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