Frugal Friday: *Jergens Naturals Extra Softening Moisturising Hand Cream...

Friday, 18 May 2012

...With Shea Butter (*longest product description ever - maybe)

Frugal friday: the first worthy contender 

Welcome to a new regular post that I hope to bring to you every Friday (crosses fingers, but not behind my back OK) celebrating the 'cheap seats' of beauty. The budget buys, purse-friendly pick-me-ups and supermarket sweeps of the cosmetics world. Every product featured on Frugal Friday will be priced under £10 and my aim is to stay nearer the fiver mark. After all, who doesn't love a bargain?

Today we're kicking off with an everyday essential - hand cream - and this one is seriously good. I'm not familiar with the Jergens brand (other than having seen it advertised in American magazines), but my hands have been crispier than a Peking duck, it was on offer at Sainbury's and the USP of 95% natural ingredients suckered me in. 

From top left: a creamy consistency; emulsifying to a liquid lotion;
 non-slippy hands 15 seconds later; smoother, fresher skin

The good stuff: LOVE the texture. It's moisturising but not greasy and straight away emulsifies into a light/liquid lotion significantly cutting down on the hand-wringing, jeans-wiping activity often required with thicker, waxier formulations. I counted 15 seconds from 'wet' hands to dry, slip-free hands. Impressive.

At this price point - £2.99, I REPEAT £2.99 - the ingredients are surprising. Water and glycerin (one delivering moisture, the other attracting it) are at the top of the list. Soya oil, shea butter, yoghurt extract, chamomile extract, lavender extract and cottonseed oil are other interesting additions that caught my eye. Despite the 'naturals' tag there are still chemicals and preservatives in the formula but they feature much less (and presumably at a much lower ratio) than you might expect to see in a generic, bog-standard hand cream. 

Budget beauty: an out of the ordinary ingredients list
(click on image to view - sorry, slightly out of focus!)

The not so good stuff: I really (and this is my personal opinion) dislike the fragrance. It's very sweet. Think vanilla sponge, drizzled with thick caramel, piped with Chantilly cream and topped with forest fruits. Bleurgh. However, since scents are so subjective - and I'm a weirdo when it comes to fragrance liking masculine, smoky, leathery notes - this feminine, bakery confection was never going to do anything other than make my kind of nose nauseous. It is fair to say that someone who likes fruitier/sweet scents might find it nothing short of dreamy. I think one of my bestie's Kerry *waves* would absolutely love it :)

The final verdict: Brilliant price, fantastic skin-softening performance but not so keen on the fragrance. 

Do you have a #FrugalFriday favourite product? x

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