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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

When last weeks rain stopped play BB and I turned our hands to baking. I use the term 'baking' lightly as this generally involves him purposefully stirring a few ingredients around in a separate bowl with the wrong end of teaspoon - which drives me nuts - whilst I provide the elbow grease and clear up the mess.

These little cakes were destined to go into the oven in pirate cupcake cases but, at the last minute, BB came over all red-of-face and shouty when pressed to part with them (as 3-year olds do), so I unearthed some mini silicone muffin moulds whilst thinking calm, loving thoughts

Raindrops outside, sprinkles inside: BB samples his work

We used a basic, fool-proof BBC Food fairy cake recipe but replaced the self-raising flour with a wholemeal version after discovering that the former had a sell-by date of May 2010. Let's not talk about my cupboard-keeping shall we...

His lordship isn't a fan of icing but was quite specific about requiring sprinkles, which presented a small challenge. I offered up a dilute lemon icing drizzle that had just enough stickiness to catch the sprinkles but not enough of a traditional icing appearance to be detected by BB's hawk-eye and jabbing, judgemental finger. 

And the verdict from himself? 'Mmmmmm.Yummy.'

Do you have a child-friendly, easy-peasy recipe you like cooking on cabin fever days? x

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