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Friday, 9 November 2012

Crayon art: cool, contemporary and colourful!

Back in the Summer BB and I had a bash at making homemade crayon discs and these were the rather artistic - if I do say so myself - results!  BB helped shell the paper wrappers and break up his old, worn-down crayons and I took charge of the 'grown-up' part of the project when he was safely at nursery; and I could hear myself think.

I followed this tutorial but used the wells of a mini silicone muffin tray as a mould instead of muffin cases. The swirls were a last minute brainwave after the tray had been removed from the oven, created with a wooden skewer.

The end result is a crayon that, to be fair, isn't the easiest to draw with but does tick all the boxes on artsy appeal. These are BB's favourite's from the batch because, he says, 'they look like planets.'  

Crayon craft: to infinity and beyond

* Wax - including wax crayons - reaches a flammable flashpoint at certain temperatures. When melting crayons use a low heat, monitor closely and do not leave unattended. 

P.S: This amazing digital frame is free to download for non-commercial use from Shabby Blogs. I followed Megan's brilliant tutorial on customising a blog header and used the same principles to layer my images within the frame using Fotoflexer. It was easy and it worked!

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