Turning A New Leaf

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Here we are again approaching Winter, my absolute favourite time of the year. I was born just past midnight on an icy November morning and do believe (well, almost), that somewhere within my DNA is a cold-comfort gene code curled up cosily, nose tucked into its tail, softly snoring. Where some people find the dark nights and dawns relentlessly deflating I love the clear, crisp days peculiar to the season. Even the dreary rain-soaked ones do good things for my mood. Winter just makes me happy. Weird, huh?

The seasons changing also provide a natural pause for reflection, which brings me neatly to this blog and where it's now headed. Lately I haven't had time - or more honestly made the time - to update posts. If I'm truthful it's because things have changed (I've changed damn it! *bangs a fist on the table*) since I started Mama Loves Pretty. Which all sounds very dramatic and late-30-something crisis-y but is, in actual fact, just an acknowledgement that there are other things I'd like to bring to my life and blog. 

This mama still loves pretty things so there will continue to be beauty reviews - you can't kick a hardcore product habit overnight - but I'll also be posting on other subjects that pique my interest and hopefully yours, too. Look out for complementary therapy news, vintage collectibles, style snippets, well-being, kids stuff and - get this - crafting! x

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