Rainy Days & Benefit's They're Real Mascara

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It's an un-remarkable, rain-drenched day here in South East London and I'm feeling a tad blue. Baby boy (or BB as I will now refer to him), started part-time nursery to give mama more time to make money. You could say it went exceptionally well. He ran in, announced 'it's just me,' stopping only to wave and say 'see ya later.' I'd promised myself that I wouldn't look back but, silly moo that I am, I did. Clocking his scrubbed little cheeks and shiny smile nearly killed me. His shoe lace was undone. So, what to do then when you're feeling ho-hum? Head home via a latté at Cafe Rouge (naughty, naughty, lazy mummy), apply more make-up and write about it, naturellement.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara, £18.50, isn't for shy and retiring types. This, ladies, is full-on fabulousness and a make-up genre I haven't entered into for quite some time. It's a sad truth that I've lived mascara-less for the best part of a year but, in all honesty, I just can't be fagged with shifting the end-of-the-day dregs. This one, I could make an exception for. 

First off is the clever-clogs brush design. Staggered bristles grab every teensy lash when the brush is used horizontally but, and here's the smart bit, tilt the wand vertically and the 'custom tip' (a crown of evenly spaced bristles), comes into its own to accent the outer corners of the lashes for a wide-eyed effect, add extra drama to the tips of the lashes or boost the lower lash line. 

The formulation is deep black, very glossy and curls like you wouldn't believe (I could feel my saggy lashes rising), and although not cloggy does have substance; instantly making lashes appear fuller. Applied to one eye the results were scarily good - slightly Clockwork Orange. Applied to both eyes and we're talking serious flutter, dolly-style. Load it on and four coats later you could be in reality TV territory. A more judicious application and you'll still have stand-out lashes, albeit more subtle ones. In either case it's all about instant, confidence-kicking glamour. I predict a hit.

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