Scrubs Up Nicely

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Feeling as though I've been unceremoniously dragged through a hedge backwards (and then shoved hurtling forwards) is par for the course at present. I miss being on top of my beauty game. Gone are the days of luxuriating in candle-lit, oil-laced baths whilst applying ridiculously expensive face masks and hair unguents. Now, a tiny person with a teeny patience threshold stomps purposefully around the bathroom looking for ways (that may or may not involve A&E) to force me out of the water. 

Still, you only need 60-seconds to get the benefit of DHC Olive Corn Body Scrub & Polish, £12.50. Corn cob granules give a satisfyingly gritty texture (and this is grit that keeps on giving - I counted an impressive 20 scrubs per area in one application), whilst olive oil and vitamin E leave skin silky smooth and moisturised. If the devil really is in the detail it's a welcome change to see my dusty ol' limbs looking healthier and more hydrated. What I really love though, is the way the product lightly lathers with the fresh fragrance of natural lavender oil. These are the days when a little bit of luxury goes a very long

Tip: if your skin isn't sensitive apply treatment-style to dry skin (brace yourself, it's a little ouchy) and shower off for extra smoothing results.


Skin Blossom said...

Love the blog. x

Hannah Adams said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Really appreciated x

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