Setting Out My Stall

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mama Loves Pretty HQ

So, a blank e-page beckons with boundless blogging potential but OH MY the pressure of posting. Talk about performance anxiety. It's like writing in a brand new exercise book only to discover you've penned an unsightly blot and must now dispose of the evidence toute suite – right down to the paper shreds snagged behind both staples. Praise be to the preview facility. 

Still, it's time to feel the fear and publish it anyway. Mama Loves Pretty is ALL about putting a spring in your step. Getting your beauty groove back with little luxuries, feel-good frippery, pampering, positivity and wise words from wise industry types. I can't promise it will be life-changing but am hopeful of delivering a lift. Dance as if no-one is watching, blog as if no-one is reading. But hey, if you were... I would really love that :)

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