Reviewed: Suti Fabulous Foot Balm

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

At present the natural beauty market is like a rolling ocean of product. A new range spinning a new line on the negative effects of chemicals in cosmetics seems to dip a toe in the water every week. It's easy to feel engulfed by the swell and wonder what is actually good, wholesome truth versus glossy marketing fiction - a subject I will return to in another post. Still, I love finding a brand bobbing about in the midst that a) I've never heard of before and b) has a backstory/ethos that I genuinely believe in and which piques my interest. 

Suti - packed with holistic learnings and expertise

I met Susannah and Tina, the founders of organic skincare range Suti at a launch for the brilliant Nutribeauty website. Susannah is an accomplished complementary therapist with an extensive list of therapies under her belt including Reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy and homeopathy. Having studied to be a reflexologist for the past year, I find I'm in awe of the more holistically knowledgeable and really enjoyed learning about the line. Tina, a graphic designer by trade and busy mum-of-three, is responsible for the brands very lovely, stylish packaging (again, in awe of the juggling). Together, they are sisters-in-law and the product partnership Suti. See what they did there? 

The range comprises of formulations borne out of the bespoke blends that Susannah has created, over the years, for use during client treatments. It all makes perfect sense to me. If you're in the business of caring for the wellbeing of others then it stands to reason that you're very likely going to care about what you apply to their body. 

Sensory salve: a lovely treat for worn-out feet

Back to the Fabulous Foot Balm. I've been looking for a medium to use during reflexology sessions that aids the flow of the sequence whilst enhancing the sensory experience. I ordered a jar to use on family and friends (I was lucky to get a 30% press discount), and I/we LOVE it. The scent is divine. It has an intense, herbal, earthy aroma that smells like potted wellbeing - if that makes sense. And, although Fabulous Foot Balm contains the classic foot-loving peppermint oil when I unscrew the lid the first thing I notice is the aroma of rosemary and eucalyptus -  a refreshing change. Also in the mix are, amongst others, oils of pumpkin seed, lemon, avocado and olive along with unrefined shea butter which help to rehydrate dry skin leaving it feeling more comfortable and supple.

I spent an age trying to capture in pictures how rich and meltable this balm is, isn't the natural golden colour of the oils beautiful? It's worth noting that because Fabulous Foot Balm is free from chemical stabilisers and preservatives it may solidify in cooler weather, though emulsifies on contact with the skin - you need the tiniest amount. Tired, neglected soles absolutely deserve this treat.

* Fabulous Foot Balm (50ml) is £16 and available from Nutri Beauty and Suti.

[Not suitable for use during pregnancy]


Asti. said...

oh wow that looks so luxurious and enjoyable to use! The product melts how fun! :)

Have you tried their balm cleanser as well?

Hannah Adams said...

Hey Asti, thank you for your comment :) it is a really beautiful range. I love that it's pared down but potent! Not tried the cleansing balm yet but the facial oil is a treat too.

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