Thank You, Darling!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

How sweet and cheery are these hand-painted thank you card designs by Ez over at Creature Comforts? I've become ever-so-slightly addicted to diy project/style inspiration blogs since acquiring an iPad and have spent more evenings than I care to share wrapped up in their twinkly-lit, romantic, mood-board ambience. (Before tripping over a bike, scooter and mountain of washing on my way to bed...)

Pink flamingos wearing scarves: what's not to love?

If, like me, you've still got thank you cards to (ahem) send, why not hop on over to Ez's post HERE to download the free, printable PDF. I do warn you in advance that Creature Comforts is like a vortex. Take tea and biscuits; you may be gone for some time...                                                                              
(P.S: Ez has also created a downloadable/printable 2012 Calendar and will be releasing one page per month in her email newsletter. Hit the subscribe button on her blog if you fancy that too!

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