Spring Nailed!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Have you noticed that Spring is trying its best to shoot into life despite the winter chill? In the park, BB and I recently inspected clusters of stoic buds braving the icy breeze. If I were them I would've stayed bedded-down in the warm ground a while longer. Catch a lie-in while you can, and all that.

Yesterday, more signs of spring emerged in my over-crowded inbox. Aren't these stunning Max Factor nail shades enough to make you want to dig out fresher, crisper clothes and accessories?

Spring 2012: new creamy pastel 'nudes' - 
brooklyn collection

I hands-up-have-to-say I've yet to get my mitts on the above but I wanted to bring you a sneaky peek because, sure as day turns into night, these will sell out - mark my words. There are 18 hues in the new collection, inspired by the mood of the four fashion week cities. Brooklyn (New York) is my favourite comprising of milky on-trend pastels whilst Dalston (London), has a neon-vibe that I hear will continue to be a hot! hot! hot! nail look for spring/summer 2012. I'm trying very hard to find the love for Neon as a trend, really I am. On paper it's fierce and fabulous but on my middle-aged fingertips? - undecided. Apart from Cool Jade (pale aqua green), I'd probably chicken-out and wear these electric brights on my toes instead.

Brighter than bright: neon continues as a
strong colour theme - dalston collection

The remaining collections are Via Tortona (Milan) and Marais (Paris), transitional winter/spring shades which would be an excellent choice if it feels too early to be blooming.

* Max Factor Colour Effect Mini Nail Polishes are on sale now at Superdrug priced £3.99 each and will be available at Boots from January the 18th. 

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